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Transitional Support Unit

The Transitional Support Unit, located on the grounds of the Georgia War Veterans Home in Milledgeville, GA, is a project that encompasses compassionate and purpose-driven design. This newly constructed building serves as the backdrop for veterans on their journey toward recovery and reintegration into civilian life through physical and occupational therapy. In all, the building program includes 14 private patient rooms, a communal kitchen and living area, and essential office spaces that all help to facilitate the rehabilitation process. This single-story structure boasts a resilient brick façade, ensuring both durability and a timeless aesthetic. The covered canopy drop-off adds convenience and protection to the building, whilst several thoughtfully executed outdoor gathering spaces contribute to an overall holistic healing environment. This project reflects our commitment to creating spaces that not only provide functionality but also embody empathy and support for those who have proudly served our great nation.

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