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July marks another milestone in our journey - 29 incredible years of 2KM Architects! We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our Clients, Consultants, and Contractors who have been with us every step of the way. Your trust, collaboration, and support have been the cornerstone of our success, helping us to build a legacy of remarkable and enduring buildings. Thank you for being a part of our story. Here's to the future and the amazing opportunities it holds! #workanniversary
The Design of the Phase 2 Expansion at Augusta Mini Theatre, Inc. is underway. We are excited to be the Design Team for the new 142- seat theater and continue our great relationship with AMT!
Exciting progress update! The exterior construction of the F&M Bank Operations Center in Washington, Georgia, is nearly complete, with only landscaping left to finish. We’re thrilled to see how the building and its signage serve as a beacon for this business, and the positive feedback from patrons is the cherry on top. Just a few more finishing touches on the interior, and this vibrant space will soon be bustling with life! #architecture #newconstruction
The steel and wood framing of our latest project is now complete, and the ultimate forms of this stunning double-height space are beginning to emerge. #architecture #construction
After decades of use, it was time to update the campus signage for the Department of Veterans Services Campus in Milledgeville. It’s amazing how new signage can completely refresh the feel of a campus. Proud to have contributed to enhancing the visitor experience !! Swipe to see the before photos !
It’s important for designers to know when and where to utilize different building materials. In this case, we had the challenge of needing to remove and then infill existing concrete wall panels and storefront glass to install two new MRI machines. Once the panels were removed, we had the option to go back with pre-manufactured concrete wall panels, however this would require a complete new structural analysis on the facade. We instead chose to put back EIFS panels, made of rigid foam board and troweled on finish coats, to mimic the appearance of concrete at a fraction of the weight. Also, these panels were made to be removable for the future change out of equipment. Our job includes problem solving and planning for the future, and we tackled both of these issues with this EIFS installation. #architecturalfacade #EIFS #renovation
Things are looking up at our Operations Center project. #Beams are in, #lighting is hung, and #painting is in process. In a few months, this open work room will be filled with employees enjoying the ☀️natural light☀️!
Client relationships and project knowledge are two things we strive to excel in! We’re so thankful it does not go unnoticed! 💡😁🛠️ #clienttestimonial #architecture
The River Residence is really beginning to take shape. A yellow waterproofing membrane has been applied to the sheathing in advance of the @sto_us Exterior Insulation Finish System (EIFS) façade. Next up, windows! #newconstruction #residentialarchitecture #residentialdesign
Thrilled to unveil the stunning transformation of Augusta University's Admissions Building, The Benet House! Part of the renovation included replacing the decaying sandstone columns with limestone columns imported from Italy. Almost all exterior finishes were either repainted, resealed, repaired, or rebuilt to bring this architectural gem back to its former glory. We are confident that these repairs will allow this 1820’s beauty shine for another 200 years! #historicrenovation #historicpreservation #Architecture #2KMArchitects
Finishes & Furnishings are just two of ✨ M A N Y ✨extremely important elements in the process of bringing an Architectural Project to fruition. By creating visual boards with physical samples of textiles, as well as renderings of the spaces to be created, users are given the opportunity to have a hands-on first look of what they can expect to see when the project is complete! 🏗️ We love see the first glimpses of excitement from our clients faces, and cannot wait to see their reactions once this project comes to life! 🤩 #architectureanddesign #interiorfinishes #design
We love a good Client Testimonial ! 🤩 #positivereview
✨ Transformative Journey in the Rose Room! 🌹 Swipe left to witness the incredible metamorphosis of our office sanctuary. From a forgotten space hidden under layers of neglect, we uncovered stunning murals that time had tried to conceal. Professional restoration brought these hidden treasures to life, while the once-tarnished ceiling, bearing the scars of cigarette smoke and aging, is now undergoing a revival. The ornate, floral-inspired plasterwork was meticulously painted with a pearl finish, making the Rose Room truly bloom with renewed elegance. #OfficeRenovation #historicrenovation #architectureofaugusta
Celebrating a milestone moment at the Children's Hospital of Georgia as construction concludes on the state-of-the-art Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) suite! This transformative project marks a significant leap forward, enabling CHoG to deliver first-in-class healthcare to its young patients. The calming atmosphere within, including natural tones, wood floors, and a backlit faux skylight, ensures a comforting space for healing. #renovation #healthcarearchitecture
Progress Update: 🏗️ Step inside the heart of this #newconstruction Operations Center as we showcase the central open workroom, flooded with natural light from future clerestory windows. The craftsmanship is evident as wood framing on walls and roof trusses reach an impressive 90% completion. Stay tuned for the next phase where MEP trades and exterior wall finishes will bring this space to life! #ConstructionUpdate #Architecture
Progress continues on our most recent, new construction, office building in Washington GA! Great work by the entire Design Team!
In 2023, 2KM Architects showcased versatility with impactful projects spanning commercial, residential, conceptual studies, and precise laser scanning. Excited for what 2024 holds, anticipating new challenges and creative endeavors!
The state-of-the-art Food Production Kitchen is a pivotal addition to the GWVNH Campus infrastructure. Staffed by a dedicated team, the facility operates with precision, preparing three wholesome meals a day for the current 150 resident veterans, with the capability to extend its service to 250 residents. The building’s well-thought-out program rooms, including an office, break/training room, dry storage, cold storage, meal prep, cooking, and equipment cleaning areas, ensure a seamless workflow. Constructed with a focus on safety and durability, the building features CMU walls and metal joists for fireproofing. The layout embodies an ethos of efficiency, optimizing movement to enhance the overall functionality. #newconstruction #commercialkitchen #design
Exciting progress at one of our jobsites! 🏗️ Steel rising for a cutting-edge three-story building with intricate angled connections. Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes glimpses. #ConstructionUpdate
We are thrilled to unveil the stunning interior design of the new Occupational Health and Physical Therapy Rehab Clinic at the Georgia War Veterans Home in Milledgeville! Step inside and experience the warm embrace of natural elements designed to foster hope, healing, and recovery. This clinic is bathed in natural light, providing a bright and airy environment that contributes to the overall well-being of our veterans. #VeteransHealth #HealingSpaces 📷 Steve Bracci
The Transitional Support Unit, located on the grounds of the Georgia War Veterans Home in Milledgeville, GA, is a project that encompasses compassionate and purpose-driven design. This newly constructed building serves as the backdrop for veterans on their journey toward recovery and reintegration into civilian life through physical and occupational therapy. This single-story structure boasts a resilient brick façade, ensuring both durability and a timeless aesthetic. The covered canopy drop-off adds convenience and protection to the building, whilst several thoughtfully executed outdoor gathering spaces contribute to an overall holistic healing environment. This project reflects our commitment to creating spaces that not only provide functionality but also embody empathy and support for those who have proudly served our great nation.
Shouting Congratulations to Amanda, our Head of Administration, for being 2KM’s Employee of the Month for October! Amanda has been an invaluable asset to our team since 2015, continuously proving that her dedication to excellence truly sets her apart. As the mastermind behind organizing both incoming and outgoing documents, Amanda ensures that our office continuously runs like a well-oiled machine. Her meticulous work is evident in the production of specification documents, some of which span hundreds of pages! Amanda’s impeccable commitment to detail and delivering high quality work is truly commendable. Let’s all take a moment to appreciate Amanda for her exceptional contributions to 2KM Architects!!!
🏆 Exciting News! 🏆 We're thrilled to announce that 2KM Architects has been honored with THREE preservation awards from Historic Augusta! 🎉👏 1️⃣ The Perkins-Cullum House on Greene Street. 🏡🛠️ 2️⃣ The Old Fire Station Building in Thomson.🚒✨ 3️⃣ Last but not least, the Storage Building on AU Summerville Campus, formerly the Augusta Arsenal. 🏰🌳 A heartfelt thanks to our amazing team and the incredible owners who share our passion for preserving history! 🌐💙 #PreservationExcellence #HistoricAugusta #2KMArchitects #PreservingHistory #ArchitectureAwards 🏛️🔧
Continued progress at the new F&M Bank Operations Center... Stay tuned ✌️ #newconstruction #dronephotography
Shouting Congratulations to Laura, our Employee of the Month for September!! Laura has been with 2KM since 2019, playing a critical role in our administration team. Her inspiring dedication shines through as she meticulously manages paperwork for our office, facilitating the completion of our project submissions with her thought provoking discussions. Laura’s unwavering positivity and commitment helps to ensure that our office is happy and functioning! Thank you, Laura, for your outstanding contributions to our team, you truly make a difference every day, to everyone !!!
Another Historic Renovation is in the works! The Benet House on Augusta University’s Summerville Campus is getting a bit of a facelift, including the replacement of its deteriorating stone columns located at the front of the house. The existing columns were thoroughly measured on site by 2KM and the contractor to ensure an incomparable replication would be created, maintains the beautiful, original character of this historic house. The measurements were then sent to a manufacturer in France, that has constructed the columns out of limestone! These beautiful new pieces of art will be shipped to the States here soon for installation!
We recently finished the design and construction for an administrative department relocation within a large medical facility. Space upgrades included new offices, work rooms, a break area, and a conference room. We were happy to hear that the Users loved their new layout and their ability to expand going forward! 📷 @brent_cline
Demolition is wrapping up at the new Bank Operations Center site. Three existing residential buildings had to be removed in advance of the sitework and building pad commencing. #newconstruction #demolition
Join us in celebrating Bailey, our Employee of the Month for August!! It’s been an incredible year since Bailey joined our team, bringing her remarkable talent and expertise in Interior Design from the University of Alabama. her unwavering dedication to assisting others in completing projects, coupled with her exceptional eye for aesthetics, has truly transformed our workspace. Congratulations Bailey, on this well-deserved recognition! #EmployeeOfTheMonth #InteriorDesignExpertise
Often times in new construction or addition projects, we request that a sample wall be made of the exterior envelope so that we can ensure it is built properly and the Client approves of the look. At the Childrens Hospital of GA, we had to remove existing concrete panels to be able to lift the new MRI machines into the space, because they wouldn’t fit in the elevator. Instead of going back with a new concrete panel, we are matching the look with an EIFS system that is lighter and more energy efficient. Here, the Contractor has done a great job of matching the existing look with a new material! #renovation #architecturalfacade
When we purchased the Phinizy House, there were layers of deterioration and neglect that we had to correct before we moved in. This picture shows an area in the back breezeway where windows were busted out, siding was rotting, and vines were growing up the building. We’ve since corrected all these issues and more by pressure washing the brick, replacing the siding, repairing the wood moldings, and constructing a new back porch out of ipe decking. The area was transformed from a trash pit to an outdoor break space. #historicrenovation #construction #architectureofaugusta #2kmarchitects
Cheers to Elizabet for being our #EmployeeOfTheMonth for July!!! The 2KM team is extremely fortunate to have had the pleasure of working alongside Elizabet for nearly two decades; enjoying her upbeat, positive attitude and superb party planning abilities for all 2KM’s social events! Professionally, Elizabet serves as the Head of Design, overseeing all project aesthetics to ensure we are producing the highest quality design work before they leave our office. Her unique creative style was cultivated during her time in her home country of Venezuela, where she studied and received her architectural license. Please join us in celebrating Elizabet for her passion and dedication to 2KM!!
Construction has wrapped at the Historic Storage Building at Augusta University! Renovations included repairing the deteriorated exterior façade, windows, and roof, and updating the existing electrical infrastructure. The building will now serve as a training room for the campus ROTC program. #historicrenovation #preservation
As the Wolfpack students are welcomed back to the halls of Greenbrier High School today, they will undoubtedly notice various enhancements to the building interior. Over the summer, we have been steadily working on several upgrades including new HVAC systems (to beat the heat), updated toilet rooms, and new ceilings throughout. One of the most striking transformations is in the cafeteria, where we created a multi-dimensional ceiling design comprising of several geometric clouds over a lofted central area using @armstrongcommercialceilings Axiom Vector product. We’re glad to see it turned out exactly like the rendering! Let us know what you think of the result! #Rendering #InteriorDesign
Honored to be working on such an important project that will bring greater access to care for children in the CSRA suffering from developmental and behavioral challenges. #kisnerfoundation
Anddddd Employee of the Month for June is……. Tom Rehder!! Tom has been with 2KM since 2002, celebrating his 20th year with our company just this past October! During his time with 2KM, Tom has served in a plethora of roles including Project Manager, Healthcare Equipment Coordinator, Specification Writer, AND our In-House I.T. Liaison. This past month (and the past 21 years) Tom has applied his expertise to provide quality control to several projects, allowing 2KM to deliver the best possible product to our clients. Tom’s willingness and ability to assist his coworkers when technology breaks down (usually by saying “turn it off”… “okay now back on”… “voila!”) is a key factor in keeping our company working in harmony, and for that we are extremely grateful! Cheers to Tom for steadying the ship!!!
We refer to this part of the Phinizy House as “the Bridge”. It connects the second floors of the original Main House and the former Horse Stable. It is supported by an industrial looking steel truss that spans the full length. Renovations involved stripping away the existing siding and replacing it with composite wood siding for durability. We also added (4) three-column wood and brick piers to reflect the craftsman details that were discovered within the house during renovations. Other additions to our Employee Entrance include a new stair, ADA ramp, and lattice pergola. #historicrenovation #construction #architectureofaugusta #2kmarchitects
We made it one more year around the ☀ and are feeling thankful for all the Clients that made it possible! 🥂Cheers🥂to 28 years in business! #workanniversary #thankful #2kmarchitects
Better late than never… Shout out to Jorge for being Employee of the Month for May! Jorge started with 2KM in October 2022 as a Draftsman/BIM Coordinator. Jorge studied drafting at Augusta Tech, and prior to him joining our team he used his skills and knowledge working for a prominent custom boating fabricator. Jorge’s problem-solving mindset, drive, and knowledge allow him to focus on ways for 2KM to become more efficient. He continuously demonstrates an exuberant willingness to aid in our production processes, whether it be spending hours scanning large-scale businesses or working on tedious building plans and revisions. Help us to congratulate Jorge! 👏👏
During the Phinizy House renovation, we transformed the second-floor bedrooms into shared offices. The scope of work included remediating peeled wallpaper, chipped paint, cracked plaster, soot-covered tile, and dirty hardwood flooring. In addition to the aesthetic improvements, we added historic wire raceways to be able to incorporate power and data without destroying the existing load-bearing masonry walls. #historicrenovation #PhinizyHouse #2KMarchitects
Shout out to the 2KM Moms on their special day! Creating life wasn’t difficult enough – ya’ll have to create beautiful spaces as well! #happymothersday
It’s official… Megan won #employeeofthemonth for April!! Megan, a Thomson native, started with the firm in the Spring of 2014. Although her background is in Interior Design, having earned her degree from the University of Georgia, she now serves as a Project Manager. Through her work, she has had an impact on several K-12 Schools, Historic Renovations, and Veterans Service Facilities throughout the state of Georgia. 2KM is lucky to have Megan because of her charismatic energy that she not only brings to her projects, but also to the office; as well as her dedication to our team as a leader, and fellow employee. Join us in congratulating Megan! 🥳🎉
Our team is growing! We are happy to welcome Jorge as our newest BIM Specialist. Jorge is a graduate of Augusta Tech’s Architectural and Engineering Drafting program, and has been working in the construction industry for the past six years. He brings with him a knowledge of BIM programs and an expertise in cabinet design and manufacturing. As our team continues to grow, we look forward to the opportunity to expand our client list. #NewHire #Welcome
Starting this month, we initiated an #Employee of the Month program to spotlight a member of the #2KM team that gave it their all in the fields of attitude, performance, punctuality, and team player. This month that person was Jenshe! Jenshe started with the firm in the Summer of 2019, having just completed her Architectural degree at Kennesaw State University. Now, 4 years later, she serves as a Project Manager. She is focused, efficient, and has a great attitude, whether she is leading or following. So, what are the perks of EoM @ 2KM you may ask? They include a shoutout on the socials, a little monthly bonus, and *most importantly* access to the prized covered parking spot for the entire month. Congrats again Jenshe and thanks for all that you do!
The Entry of the Phinizy House features an original Tiffany Chandelier, decorative fireplace mantle featuring lion heads, intricately detailed grand stair, and decorative columns that resemble engine pistons (to pay homage to the original Owner – Georgia Railroad Bank President Jacob Phinizy). To revive the space to its former glory, we restored the original plaster walls and parquet flooring. We are now proud to welcome Clients and Vendors through our grand Entry! #historicrestoration #2KMarchitects
Construction is set to begin soon on a Bank Operations Center. Follow along the next few months to see the progress! #dronephotography #newconstruction
We are adding 12 classrooms to Euchee Creek Elementary in order to get students out of portables and into the Main Building. The additions follow the character of what’s existing, with updated finishes and lighting. #educationarchitecture #addition #construction #dronephotography
It’s been 10 years since we moved from our cozy 3,000 SF office on Wrightsboro Rd into our 16,000 SF permanent home at 529 Greene Street. From purchase to move-in, we spent nearly three years designing and renovating the 150-year-old #historic structure to make it usable as a working architectural office. Renovations were two-fold. First, we had to correct years of water damage that arose from a lack of air conditioning and roof leaks. Second, we had to peel back the layers of renovations in order to reveal and highlight the original character defining features of the building. Over the next few months, we will showcase the #renovation #transformation 🛠️
Foundations are under way at an exciting new project - a high-residence on the river! Trust us, you are going to want to keep up with this one! #whataview #highendresidence #residentialarchitecture #2kmarchitects
Another project in the books! This time, we created a new dialysis center within an existing medical prison. This project had its challenges, including providing a space that delivers cutting edge treatment in a safe/ secure environment for caregivers and patients. We are proud to say that it has been well received by the Facility, and it will serve as a baseline for other similar centers in the state going forward! #renovation #healthcarearchitecture