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This project involved creating a Suite within the Children’s Hospital of Georgia to house a PET/CT Imaging Machine and all its necessary Support Spaces. Patients that visit this space usually exhibit high levels of stress, so 2KM’s design goal was to alleviate that.  Together with the help of Philips, we were able to incorporate industry-leading technology – the Ambient Experience – into the Uptake Rooms. This equipment, which mounts to the ceiling,  incorporates built-in speakers, color-changing LED cove lighting, and an HD projector. Patients are able to customize the colors and environmental scene in the room so that they feel the most comfortable. On the journey from Uptake to Imaging, 2KM utilized indirect, dimmable, overhead lighting so that patients being transported on moveable recliners and stretchers would not have to stare up at a harsh light. Once in the Imaging Room, the same color-changing lighting is built-in to the cove ceiling so patients can continue to tailor the space to their preference. In all, this design succeeds in helping to relax anxious patients and transport them to therapeutic space.

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